Currently, Southern Glossary is a two-man volunteer operation that occasionally receives help from outside contributors. As such, we are limited in time but not in enthusiasm. Here are a few ways you can help us on our mission:


Since the inception of Southern Glossary in June 2013, it's been an eye-opening experience discovering just how many artist collectives, showcases, art institutions, thriving galleries, and festivals there are throughout the South. We've made progress, but feel we've just scraped the surface.  

Is there an visual or performance artist or ensemble you think we should know about? Are you an art institution on a mission? Is there an advocacy group that's helped you or your community through the arts? We want to hear about it!  Click on this button to send us a message.


Artist Collaborator

A long-term goal is to offer curated presentations based around a theme. The goal is to get a big picture sampling of multiple talent and perspectives. If you are a visual artist of any discipline and want to receive our Calls for Submissions, sign up for our dedicated Artist Collaborator list.


If you have a pitch for an article, essay, profile, or interview or if you are even just a hopeful writer or content creator looking for an assignment, please contact us. We are based in New Orleans, and we are especially interested in meeting people who can help us with arts coverage in other areas.  

We aim to be creator focused. We will always promote our content creators to the best of our ability–not just their content. Feel free to give a brief bio and/or statement of purpose along with your pitch. A sample of previous work is strongly preferred, even if it is unpublished.