open call for writing submissions

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Southern Glossary is now accepting submissions for its summer print issue. Twice a year we collect work from artists who have curated our popular Instagram account into a magazine alongside essays focusing on southern themes. In our last issue we had four writing pieces, and with the fifth issue I want to continue to grow into more of an art and writing hybrid magazine with at least eight articles in addition to some poetry. Here is what we are looking for:

Creative nonfiction: Personal essays or short memoirs about a person, place, or theme set somewhere in the South. These can be as specific as examining a performer or important figure or organization in a town or region, a closer look at a venue or place of significance, or a certain emotion or lesson revealed to you by interacting with a Southern icon, heirloom, or subculture. In the last issue we had a personal essay called Tiger Stripes by David McCarty, a good example. 

Art essays: Essays that describe and analyze a specific artwork, photograph, photo essay, or a profile of a southern artist, activist, writer, or musician (preferably still active or at least still alive). We steer away from art criticism or overly-scholarly analysis. Explanations and explorations are preferable to lectures on technique or influence. Here's an example from SG's early days.

Social commentary: Essays that examine racial or social inequality issues in the region or explore environmental advocacy. This is obviously a broad area, so please keep in mind we're looking for something narrow in focus and concerning contemporary issues (though, of course, some historical background can be involved). In the last issue I wrote about the debates over the Confederate flag and monuments that were in full swing at the time.

Poetry: Someone once called poetry, "vital mental medicine," and I would really like to venture into presenting some in the magazine. Poems do not have to be strictly about something southern, but all of the general themes mentioned above would be appreciated. Judy Jordan is a favorite of mine.

Word count: 700-1,500.

Deadline for pitches: Sunday, March 25th, 2018.
Deadline for completed work: Friday, May 11th, 2018.

Submit your piece or pitch by emailing us at with a Word document, PDF (preferred), or Google Doc link attached. Please format the filename of the document as: Your First & Last Name - Title of Piece.

When submitting poetry, please send no more than eight poems. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Work previously published on your blog or other any other independent outlet will be considered.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to respond to every submission.

Thank you!

Ryan Sparks