writing submissions


Southern Glossary is now accepting submissions for its summer print issue. Twice a year we collect work from artists who have curated our popular Instagram account into a magazine alongside essays focusing on Southern themes.

We hope to include even more written pieces in this summer’s issue (our fourth). Here is what we are looking for:

Creative nonfiction: Personal essays or short memoirs about a person, place, or theme set somewhere in the South. These can be as specific as examining a artist or important figure in a town or region, a closer look at a venue or place of significance, or a certain emotion or lesson revealed to you by interacting with a Southern icon, heirloom, or subculture.

Art essays: Essays that describe and analyze a specific artwork, photograph, photo essay, or a profile of a Southern artist, activist, writer, or musician (we would prefer someone contemporary to someone dead, but that is not a hard rule). While Southern Glossary is art-focused, we steer away from art criticism or overly-scholarly analysis. Explanations and explorations are preferable to lectures on technique or influence.

Social commentary: Essays that examine racial or social inequality issues in the region or explore environmental advocacy.

What we are not looking for: fiction, poetry, warmed over press releases, or animal stories.

Word length: 700-1500 words.

Deadline: June 15th.

Submit your piece by emailing us at southernglossary@gmail.com with a Word document, PDF, or Google Doc link attached. We are looking for completed pieces, but if you have something that you think is a good fit but not quite finished or needs some direction, send us a short pitch. Unfortunately, we do not have time to personally respond to every submission.

All contributors will receive a free copy of the issue and have their piece published on southernglossary.com.

Thank you!

Ryan Sparks