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Southern Glossary is currently accepting pitches for short writing for the next print issue, due out the beginning of December, 2017. This is the first time I'm looking to substantially add standalone writing to the magazine, so it's a little experimental in nature.

What I would like to see are: 

  • A short examination of a particular theme, symbol, or new approach to expressing Southern-ness in almost any art form (though we are primarily focused on visual art), or
  • A conversation with another artist or an "internal" conversation from an artist figuring something out through their work or responding to the influence of someone else, or
  • A creative non-fiction passage that centers on a certain neighborhood, town, or region that is unique to the writer and perhaps within the South as a whole.

I'm not looking for any fiction, poetry, history, or "hard" art writing or theory. Shorter, tight pieces are preferred, around 500-700 words.

Please fill out the form below with a brief pitch only, even if you already have something fully written. All contributors published in the magazine will receive their own copy. 

Thank you!

Ryan Sparks



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