Southern Glossary is a web-based zine concerned with the exploration of non-traditional elements of Southern culture, the promotion of contemporary art and storytelling methods, and the advocacy of equality in states known for their strong resistance to it.  Through arts coverage, essays, artist profiles, and endorsement of advocacy platforms, we hope to let the South speak to itself.  

We hope to be both a training ground and a vehicle for under-utilized new media talents and content creators across the South as well as a more understanding and attentive platform for established artists and art institutions.

We believe that now, more than ever, defining the South is like holding swift-running river water in your hands.  Because we are a people and culture who have demanded that we be defined by our location and customs for over three hundred years, most media presentations of the contemporary South lean toward established characters, attitudes, and methods.  The usual emphasis is on how our culture persists instead of how it adapts.  As a result, members of any non-traditional Southern demographic face decisions on how to engage with people: either on the basis of their background or in contrast to their identity.  

It is time for all of us to share bonds beyond comfort food and accents.  It is time to expand our understanding of the South beyond black versus white, past versus present, transplant versus native.

Southern Glossary wants to tell stories about the South without relying on assumptions, stereotypes, or talking points, whether that's through words, photos, art, or direct speech from the people who live here every day.