Ashley Brossart

Location: Louisiville, KY  Website: Instagram: @orange_peeled

How did your interest in your medium begin and how did you arrive at your current style?

I became interested in photographing cities, architecture and specific locations as I was discovering subject matter for my paintings, which is my primary medium. I use the photographs I collect as a visual reference to create montages or summaries of an experience within a location. A series of photos is eventually turned into a large painting summarizing and giving life to a unique identity found within the photos and the photo hunt experience. I began using Instagram to keep a record of the photo hunt experiences and for anyone to follow the process along. 

I arrived at my current style through a series of errors and failures, eventually just choosing, by accident, to combine the photos with painting and drawing.

How do you feel about the relationship of an artist to their city or surroundings?

My relationship to my city has been a catalyst for my work. I think it's important for me as an artist to have a constant relationship of observing my ever-changing surroundings. 

How do you choose your subjects?

Sometimes the locations are historically-based with an effort to preserve some aspect of a location. Louisville is going through many changes as well as many other major cities in the U.S., and I make an effort to note this in my work. Sometimes the subjects are simply places of interest that I find myself experiencing in a new and unique was once looking through a view finder. 

Who have been some of your biggest influences or your best teachers?

My influences cross a wide range from personal experience to painters from the abstract expressionist time. I read urban theory books when I make time for it and Jane Jacobs [author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities -ed.] has been one of the most thought provoking I have studied. Traveling to new cities has always been a great teacher. It allows me to get out of my comfort zone and become comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to gain experience and bring about new creative avenues. Learning to fail and continue creating is always the greatest teacher for me. 

Do you have a creative or artistic peer group in your area that you're a part of?

I get out in the city and visit artists openings and run into other artists in Louisville as often as possible. Even a quick passing chat is always inspiring. It's been amazing to watch the creative community grow in Louisville and now the visual arts scene seems to be gaining traction for young people.

What opportunities are there for artists like yourself in your area?

We have many boutique-type places that show local artists work like Crafts Gallery, Revelry Boutique, and Block Party Handmade Boutique. There are always new opportunities happening and many local groups are focusing more energy towards supporting young emerging local artists.  I have a studio at a place called Art Sanctuary, a community-oriented arts collective.

Where do you go to draw inspiration? 

I take long walks. Usually clears my head and opens my mind to something new.

Do you feel creatively satisfied?

I'm always working on pushing the next thing into the next thing. 

Tell me about a recent, current, or upcoming project or exhibition.

In July, I completed two large commissioned murals for the Kroger company, a grocery store chain. I am developing my work to move into the public art realm working on large scale murals and installations that allow for a component of community involvement. 

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