Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene

The Southern Glossary Instagram account is curated by a new artist or photographer each week. Every curator will put their own spin on the account, showing off work, their process, and their surroundings. Here's a Q&A with last week's curator, photographer Amanda Greene.

Location:  Athens, Georgia Website:  Instagram: @mandykatg

How did you interest in your medium begin?

When I was in high school in Atlanta my I had a great photography teacher, Stephen D'Andrea. We did a lot of work in the darkroom, made pinhole cameras, things like that. I think the magic of photography is what interested me. Accidental double exposures, paper negatives, watching images appear on the paper in the darkroom. So my teacher had a catalog for this art school in California, Art Center College of Design. I decided that I wanted to go there, and I did end up going and graduating from Art Center. That is how it started though, in Mr. D.'s class.

How do you feel about the relationship of an artist to their city or surroundings?

I only really know about MY relationship to my city (I don't live in a city at all!) and surroundings. I live in the country, just north of Athens, Georgia. Tractors drive by my house daily. Some donkeys were on the loose a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoy living here - I lived in Los Angeles for about 17 years. I went to college there and stayed in L.A. and worked as a photographer's assistant for years. I moved back to Georgia maybe 4 years ago. Coming back here was great, for a number of reasons. But as far as my work goes it is a huge influence, I mean, it is the subject of most of my work. Southern "Americana" maybe you could say. I see things out near where I live, things in people's yards, holiday decorations, things in small local stores. Things that catch my eye maybe because of the colors or, to me, the beauty or oddness of something. So I have been able to have an endless supply of subject matter and have created a good bit of work just from moving back "home" to Georgia.

Do you have a creative or artistic peer group in your area that you're a part of? What opportunities are there for artists like yourself?

There is in Athens, GA an undeniable creative energy or feeling. From music to visual art to food, there is a lot going on here. For me as well my friends are all artists or writers or something like that, so there is a common language or lifestyle there. Last year I got to know an amazing woman in Atlanta named Mary Stanley. She does a lot for artists and art collectors, brings them together. Through her (and her group called The Young Collector's Club) I have met some new friends and artists and collectors. That has been fun and a good way to meet people and talk about art.

Where do you go to draw inspiration?

As I talked about earlier my main influence is my surroundings. The South. Weird shit that I see.

Do you feel creatively satisfied?

Creatively satisfied? That sounds to me like, Okay, I am satisfied, so maybe there is no need to create more. Maybe I am misunderstanding the question. I feel like I need to be finding things to photograph, taking photos, so I am not maybe ever satisfied? I feel that I am creatively inspired, or drawn to things.

Tell me about a recent, current, or upcoming project or exhibition.

There are a couple of projects that I am wanting to do that are a little overwhelming so I haven't started them yet. I am always shooting, sort of an ongoing project, I guess. There are several odd subjects that I like to photograph, and as time goes by I am pleased to have little groupings of these images. For example: plastic funeral flowers. They are sold in grocery stores here, on display above the meat or dairy or like that. I get excited when I come across them and can get a good photo to add to my existing ones.

Bigger projects, though, are great to think about and start to undertake. Hopefully in 2015 I will make good progress on two that are special to me that I need to just get to and start, even though I feel overwhelmed.

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