Instagram Recap: Ashley Teamer

The Southern Glossary Instagram account is curated by a new artist or photographer each week. Every curator will put their own spin on the account, showing off work, their process, and their surroundings. Here's a Q&A with last week's curator, painter Ashley Teamer.

Location: New Orleans, LA Website: Instagram: @ashleyteamer

How did you interest in your medium begin?

I really started taking painting seriously in my Junior year of college. I had identified myself as a sculpture major who liked to paint sometimes. I was in a painting studio class that year and had two really inspiring teachers who expanded my vision of what painting could be. After that I began to see my art practice through a painting lens. Now I make paintings, sculptures, and videos but all through this foundation of painting.

How do you feel about the relationship of an artist to their city or surroundings?

I am always looking. Recently I've become interested in giant hair advertisement posters outside of beauty supply stores. What surrounds you influences your artistic choices whether you notice or not. My work isn't specifically about New Orleans, but I use materials I find on its streets and I use colors that I see on its houses. So in a way my work is a product of New Orleans.

Do you have a creative or artistic peer group in your area that you're a part of? What opportunities are there for artists like yourself?

There are so many opportunities in New Orleans. I find myself floating between many artistic worlds. I am currently a member of Antenna Gallery collective and I work for the non-profit that houses the gallery called Press Street. My friends' work expands beyond a gallery setting. Drag performers, theater makers, dancers, the variety of arts in New Orleans is really inspiring.

Where do you go to draw inspiration?

The magazines Eastbay and Black Hair, old video games, Mardi Gras floats, the Chris Ofili show at the New Muesum, GIFs, gifts, shadows.

Do you feel creatively satisfied?

Yes and no. Yes, I feel like I'm in a creatively satisfying environment...but also no in that my work isn't currently at the point I want it to be, but that's always an ongoing process.

Tell me about a recent, current, or upcoming project or exhibition.

I'm working on a collaborative show with Local Honey and Xavier Juarez called Millenial Tragedy. It will be a multimedia installation shown at Antenna Gallery in April. I'm really excited because we plan on completely transforming the space and creating this kind of media wasteland.

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