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'Momma Tried' Rides Again

VISUAL ARTSouthern Glossary
Cure   by Grace Mikell Ramsey

Cure by Grace Mikell Ramsey

Momma Tried, an oversized, arty nudie mag inspired by the men’s lifestyle magazines of the 60’s and 70s, is heading to the press for their second issue. The print-only magazine is comprised of submissions from writers and artists, editorial photo shoots organized by Momma Tried’s creators, and “disruptive content,” or satirical send-ups of ads for luxury products. While the magazine contains stylistic nudity, it is more provocative than pornographic. The subjects include a “variety of ethnicities, genders, sizes, and orientations, whose bodies have not been digitally retouched.”

Last fall SG interviewed creators Theo Eliezer and Micah Learned about their inaugural issue, and Eliezer explained that “Momma Tried isn’t a direct commentary on pornography or lifestyle magazines, though there are some aspects of both that we are specifically addressing, such as the lack of diversity, unrealistic standards of beauty, and heteronormative portrayals of relationships and sexuality that are outdated and alienating to lots of people.”

Local Honey   by Xavier Juarez with   Georges   by Jeff Nelson

Local Honey by Xavier Juarez with Georges by Jeff Nelson

The first issue of New Orleans-based mag has found shelf space in bookstores and art retail locations around the country and in Europe in places like the Tate Modern in London. Now, Issue #2 is prepped and ready to print in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. As they did for Issue #1, they are accepting pre-orders through Kickstarter with added bonus materials for higher donations.

Check out their campaign and many more preview images over on Kickstarter. The deadline is Thursday, October 9th.

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