Southern Showcases of the Annual PhotoNOLA Festival

Southern Showcases of the Annual PhotoNOLA Festival

PhotoNOLA is a unique festival of photographic exhibitions, portfolio reviews, workshops, and lectures that takes place in New Orleans each December. The festival is organized by the New Orleans Photo Alliance, and takes place in museums, smaller galleries, and even cafes and bars throughout the city. The event opens this weekend, and we've chosen some southern-focused exhibitions to highlight.

Edna Karr - Akasha Rabut

Akasha Rabut

Akasha Rabut

Akasha Rabut is based in New Orleans and New York City. Her project Edna Karr captures the majorettes and members of one of the best marching bands in the city at Edna Karr High School. The project captures practices, performances, and the candid moments in between. Algiers Regional Library, Dec 1-31More info

Highway 19, Florida  - Richard McCabe

Highway 19, Florida - Richard McCabe


Richard McCabe is the curator of photography for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, but he has been capturing the signs, commercial imagery, structural oddities, and colors of the south with Polaroid and Diana cameras for many years. Once Around the Sun is a collection of instant photography images he has shot within the last year in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Boyd Satellite Gallery, Dec 6-Jan 1

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Since 2001, photographer Nell Campbell has photographed duck blinds, the small structures used to camouflage hunters, in the waterways around her hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Selected from over 100 images, the traveling exhibition shows off the simplicity, quietude, and unique color palette of southern Louisiana bayous and lakes. Kevin Gillentine Gallery, Dec. 6-31.

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Berry Bay, December 2001  - Nell Campbell

Berry Bay, December 2001 - Nell Campbell


Icehouse #2  - Eric Adams

Icehouse #2 - Eric Adams

The Pines is a short photo essay of black and white photographs that Eric Adams has compiled of his hometown, Silsbee in East Texas. The collection walks us through a quiet but not characterless small town and its creeks, railyards, and inhabitants. Of the work, Adams writes, "The past two years I’ve looked at this town under new eyes. The broken motel reminds me of early morning rides to school. A kid riding his bike around town, a quite man getting his ears lowered, the single-screen movie theater, and the industrial rail yard are all places that have played a part in my development. The quite air of a small town Friday night allows for patience and introspection." Hey! Cafe, Dec 1-15More info

Currents 2014 - Various photographers

Each year, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art has a juried exhibition selected from current New Orleans Photo Alliance members. This year's Currents will showcase the varied processes and styles of people like portrait photographer Donna Pinckley (Louisiana/Arkansas), portrait and lifestyle photographer Tamara Reynolds (Tennessee), photographer and bookmaker Frank Hamrick (Louisiana), Eliza Lamb (Virginia), and from around the country. The Ogden also has two other exhibits running concurrently: Self Processing - Instant Photography, which features instants from the past (Eggleston, Warhol) alongside new creatives (Nic Persinger, Blake Boyd, Anna Tomczak) and Slavery, the Prison Industrial Complex, a survey of Chandra McCormick and Keith Calhoun's large-scale black and white shots of Louisiana's infamous Angola Prison through the decades. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Dec 6-Jan 5More info

The Blue Library - Various photographers

The Blue Library is a collection of fifty chapbook-style photobooks curated and shepherded by photographer Tammy Mercure and presented by Press Street's Antenna Gallery. Inspired by small, cheaply printed books (usually with a central theme) of the 19th century, Mercure put out a call for submissions for photo and word projects of less than 40 pages. The resulting collection spans work from across the nation, but several southern photographers are represented, including Noelle McCleaf, Shaun H. Kelly, Aaron R. Martin, and Eugenia Uhl. All the work will be on display through the month, then archived at Press Street, as well as at the Indie Photobook Library in Washington, D.C. Press Street's Antenna Gallery, Dec 6-Jan 3More info

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