Ryan Sparks


Ryan Sparks
The 2012 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering ; Jessica Brandi Lifland

The 2012 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering; Jessica Brandi Lifland

The Art of the Rural celebrates and promotes all types of art from rural communities.  Keeping in mind the sobering fact that most rural communities suffer from both decreasing populations and limited resources for not just artists but all citizens, Art of the Rural seeks to showcase and support artists who work in communities without high-traffic art institutions.  They recognize that art is just as valuable to communities that don't enjoy the same dense and diverse social nets most cities provide and that artists should have opportunities to work and influence others outside of major metro areas.

This year, the Art of the Rural is launching the Year of the Rural Arts, a biennial adventure in curated rural art events. What's great about this idea is that it is a brand for disparate shows, festivals, and exhibitions to gather under provided by an organization that holds art cultivation in a priority over capitalization.  

From the Art of the Rural:

We have yet to encounter a connective vision of American rural experience. The inaugural Year will begin the work of presenting these narratives and critical perspectives through partnerships with universities, academic and cultural organizations, and communities across rural and urban America. In collaboration with the M12 art collective, we will offer Open Action Workshops across the country, seeking to meet new friends and colleagues and learn what questions and insights are at stake in this conversation.

More information available at The Art of the Rural.