THEATERSouthern Glossary


THEATERSouthern Glossary

The New Noise theater ensemble just released a short documentary about last year's production of Runnin' Down the Mountain, a sound-intensive narrative about two siblings grasping with the artifacts and memories of their absent parents in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina (we reviewed a version of the play at last fall's New Orleans Fringe Festival).

The video offers some insight into the ensemble's process and footage of the production.  New Noise is moving forward with a follow-up production, Oxblood, which will be the second of a loose trilogy of original, Southern-based plays.  Leaning more heavily on dance than the soundscapes of Runnin', Oxblood will again focus on two siblings and examine the South's evolving relationship with the land that used to be of primary importance to us as laborers and farmers. 

From their announcement:

"Through the story of one struggling family, Oxblood traces the transformation of the 20th century Southern landscape from a patchwork of farms to the looping lanes of suburban sprawl, asking urgent questions about who we become when we decide that we no longer depend upon the land—or each other—to survive."

More info at  Film produced by Claire Bangser.