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Southern Glossary's 2013 Gift Guide

Southern Glossary
Southern Glossary's 2013 Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and we've put together a list of interesting gifts for the Southern art lover on your list.


This year the Drive-by Truckers re-released the 2000 live album Alabama Ass Whuppin' and debuted a new cover by their longtime artistic collaborator Wes Freed. Brad Rhines took the occasion to interview Freed about his work and his history with the band.

Shop the wide range of gig posters and Southern Gothic pop art on Freed's site.


Since its release over the summer, this graphic novel has become a bestseller for fans of comics and newcomers to the genre. Its an emotional, true story of Georgia Congressman John Lewis' early life, from growing up on an Alabama sharecropping farm to joining in with the early student-led segregation protests in Nashville.  

For more info, read Ryan Sparks' profile of artist Nate Powell and his own Southern roots.

Buy the book from Top Shelf Comix.  


This new collection of contemporary photographers working out of New Orleans, LA, focuses on fantastical images created with experimental techniques.  It is full of spooky, sensual, and charismatic work that uses the city's myths and its minutiae as starting points.

Buy the book from Luna Press. 



Pushin' Against a Stone

Tennessee native Valerie June's voice and songwriting bring an interesting twist to independent country music.  Her songs come from the tradition of the individual using country tunes as a relief and expression of lonesomeness and weariness from work, wavering between pride and defeat.  While her come from the early twentieth century, her instruments and voice combine in a fresh way that feels right at home in the iTunes era.  The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach helped produce the album.  Buy at Amazon


Eudora Welty's Gardening Letters, 1940-1949

Back in August, Brad Rhines talked to the authors of Tell About Night Flowers: Eudora Welty's Gardening Letters, 1940-1949, edited by Julia Eichelberger and One Writer's Garden: Eudora Welty's Home Place by Susan Haltom and Jane Roy Brown. Both books explores the fertile soil from which Welty's prize-winning fiction like The Optimist's Daughter blossomed. 

Buy both books from University of Mississippi Press.



Paul Kwilecki and Four Decades of Photographs from Decatur County, Georgia

In a profile of photographer Paul Kwilecki, Ryan Sparks said, "his photographs became not just documents but references.  The people he photographed across decades--black Pentecostal preachers, shop-owners, factory workers--aged alongside him, caught up in their daily work just as he was." Kwilecki's work has finally been collected in a special volume.

Buy the book from the University of North Carolina Press.


For the release of a new documentary about Memphis power pop trio Big Star, Nothing Can Hurt Me, we talked to musicians John Stirratt (Wilco) and twin sister Laurie (Blue Mountain) about their recollection of the late Big Star frontman Alex ChiltonNothing Can Hurt Me is now available on DVD and for download on iTunes.

Buy on Amazon.